Reminiscing over a cup of… flowers

It is always a privilege to be asked to help someone express their feelings on loosing a loved one. To make make sense, at least in some small way, of the pain, the sorrow, and the emptiness, while encouraging the memories of happier times shared together.

Beautifully scented sweet pea
Beautifully scented sweet pea

Last week, a lovely lady who attends my floral workshops, sadly buried her mother. She approached me to arrange some flowers for the wake. As a lady who loved a good cup of tea, made correctly in the pot, and drunk from a delicate china teacup, the theme was clear. And as she and her husband had enjoyed their allotment,growing both flowers and vegetables, there were a few special requests to be included – sweet peas and peonies, ‘just like Dad used to grow’.

And so it was that I found myself with a collection of beautiful teacups on my work bench, and my workroom full of the heady scent of sweet peas, peony and roses. Making the arrangements, like they’d just been picked from the garden, was a joy – especially as I knew how much it would mean to the family and friends coming to remember the lovely lady.

A thoughtful touch was to have a ‘memory table’ with photographs and albums, perfect to trigger a conversation between the gathered, and a sure way to raise a smile with fond memories of happy times.

cup of flowers
cup of flowers

My thoughts are with you and your family, Ann.


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