Winter blooms

Autumn is always a brief season in the world of floristry, as festivities start early for Christmas. Many think Winter is a cold, drab and dull season. But although it may be cold, it is far from drab and dull in the florist shop!

We are fortunate that with the Dutch markets, where flowers grown world wide are available to all countries, many flowers are obtainable all year round – we could even have tulips in July and peonies in November if we really wanted! But there are a few seasonal treats that really signal Winter is here to be enjoyed!

And top that with all the early Spring blooms that start arriving too – tulips, iris, hyacinth, daffodils, scented narcissus, ranunculus… oh, I can hardly wait!


Wedding Theme: 1920s Glitz and Glamour

With the release of The Great Gatsby in 2013, the glamour and glitz of the 1920s and 30s has been increasingly popular with the modern bride. And why ever not? It really is a theme that you can embrace and inject into all aspects of your day, from classy Art Deco invitations to a cocktail reception, glittery beaded dresses to peacock feathers and diamonds.


There are two directions you can go with your flowers, although both are on the extravagant side. Either keep it all whites and lime green, fresh and clean, with ample opportunity to include accents of gems, white feathers and exotic blooms.

Or go bold and vibrant with turquoise, cerise, and limes, complimenting the peacock feather colours, and showing off a good variety of exotic blooms. these would have been the ultimate expression of wealth along side the free flowing champagne!



Pictures from top to bottom: 1. Glitzy secrets; 2. Invitations by Dawn; 3 and 4. DeerPearlFlowers; 5. Hot Chocolates Fountain Hire; 6. Love My Dress; 7. Rock My Wedding. Featured Image: Chic Vintage Brides.  All via Pinterest

Get Creative: Floral Teacup

Have you aways fancied trying your hand at a bit of flower arranging but not had the opportunity? Well, now could be your chance!

Why not join us for a fun workshop getting creative with flowers? Together we work through a pretty design in a teacup, using a selection of fresh seasonal flowers and foliage.


I’ll be at The Paxton Center in Crystal Palace (opposite the station), on Sunday 23rd October, 11am. It’s just £25 per person, with all materials provided.

Good fun for adults, and creative young people (ages 14 years+). And with the gallery, handmade shop, and cafe at the venue, you can make a day of it!

Booking is essential, via message to Beck’s Flowers or telephone 07507746500


Wedding Theme: Mint

In recent years, mint has become increasingly popular as a wedding theme. Bridesmaid dresses, table runners, and stylish invitations all carry the soft accent, and look classy to say the least.

Image from DeerPearlFlowers, via Pinterest


When you think about it, there are not many, if any, mint coloured flowers. But the tone can be brought in via foliage elements, such as silvery blue Echeveria (succulents), Senecio cineraria (Dusty Miller), and Eucalyptus. And it’s a tone that can be paired with either complimentary or contrasting colours – think ivory, pink, coral, or even purple.

As always, the most important thing is to take your theme and run with it. Don’t shy away from letting it sing!

Question: Bouquet Shapes

When it comes to thinking about your wedding flowers, one of the first elements you’re asked about is what your dress is like, and what flowers you’d like to carry. It’s worth getting your dress before looking at flowers, as the outfit you go for may dictate a particular style for your flowers. There are more than a few options besides the ever-popular hand tie for the bride, so I thought I’d jot a few down here.

Hand tied bouquet, also referred to as a posy or round bouquet. There’s a reason these are such a popular choice with brides – they are simple, elegant and easy to carry. With your choice of flowers, this style of bouquet can suit various wedding themes. For a modern, tidy look, go for compact stems, either all one variety of flower, like roses, or a mix to add texture. Perfect to sit against almost any style of wedding gown.



At the other end of the scale, a hand tie can be loose and country style, perfect for a more relaxed day. With a selection of soft foliage and either big blousy blooms like English roses, or delicate meadow type flowers, such as Nigella, Astillbe and Daisies. Perfect to carry against a vintage or lacy dress. And why not follow the current trend of a floral headdress to match?


Pageant, or over arm sheath. This style of bouquet utilises long stemmed flowers, tied and cradled in the arm. Again, it can be very modern, using bold, choice flowers such as Calla lilies and Phalaenophsis orchids, or very ‘boho’ with masses of trailing foliage and sparse flowers. Gladioli, Delphinium and Campanella suit this style well. They look great against a silky, fitted dress.



Shower bouquet, also know as a cascade bouquet or teardrop bouquet. A classic, traditional choice. They fell out of popularity with the rise of the handtie, but are now enjoying a revival – and rightly so. They are beautiful arrangements, drawing the eye down your dress, so are perfect to compliment an a-line skirt or ball gown. They can be small and delicate, like Kate Middleton carried, or large and fuller, like Princess Diana’s.



If you’d like to carry one of these while wearing a mermaid or sheath dress, you can go for a more modern, minimalist drop-bouquet. This way, you’re silhouette won’t be too hidden behind your flowers.


Crescent bouquets are similar to shower bouquets, but the flowers are placed in a crescent shape – ideal if you have detail at the front or down one side of your dress that you’d rather not hide away.


Pomander. These are a essentially a compact ball of flowers, hanging from a ribbon loop handle. A fun choice for flower girls who like swinging them down the aisle, but they’re also gaining popularity with brides. They go wonderfully well with a knee-length, flared skirt dress.


Composite bouquet, or glamelia, is essentially one large flower made up of lots of petals, often from a rose. They are a particularly skilled piece, with each petal being painstakingly attached by hand. It’s a shame they’re not that popular in the UK because they are gorgeous! They’d suit a modern themed wedding, against a fitted classy dress.


Free form bouquets are similar to a handtie, but follow a random shape. They suit a very relaxed laid back event, for the bride going for a ‘gathered from the garden’ look.


I hope this helps you choose which direction to go in with your flowers. Don’t forget to ask your florist’s opinion too! They are, after all, the professionals, and have a wealth of information and experience to dip in to. Most of all, enjoy this fun part of the planning!



[Calla lily Pageant bouquet from Colin Cowie Weddings; Boho pageant bouquet from Bajan Wed; Lily of the Valley shower bouquet from MODwedding; Pink minimal shower bouquet from; Crescent bouquet from The Knot; Composite bouquet from; free form bouquet from – all via Pinterest]


Sunshine and Flowers

Last week I was on a short break with friends to Greece. Oh it was lovely, super hot, and so many sites to see. Such a treat to have a wander round Athens for a few days, and then relax on the stunning Aegean beach.

Whilst exploring, we stumbled across various gorgeous florals, including lots of vibrant pink bougainvillea, a climbing squash with sunflower, and shrub after shrub of scented white flowers. Beautiful.

And now I’m back, feeling refreshed, and raring to go!

Scented Summer Flowers

It seems I’m always looking forward to the next season. Spring is a beautiful riot of colour and flowers, but by the end of April, I’m ready for the next adventure…

Scented Stocks and Sweetpeas.

Fluffy sumptuous Peonies.


Chunky Sweet William and delicate pinks.


Astillbe. Nigella. Cornflower.

It seems the list is near endless. I’m so excited, I could burst!

What are your Summer flower favourites?


[images via Pinterest]

Wedding Flower Packages

A few weeks ago, we were talking about how to budget for your wedding flowers.

Now Easter has passed, we’re officially into the wedding season. All those plans are coming together, and you’re creating the special day of your dreams!

Over on my website, I have a selection of packages that may help you get an idea of what you can expect for your flower budget, or help you formulate the level of floral impact you’d like. From simple, seasonal mixed flowers in the Bronze package, to extravagant exotics in the Platinum package, we’ve got you covered.

11698426_1081029548578055_476608918435410093_nI offer a free consultation, either in person or via email, to get to know each other, and hear all about your day. With this information, together we put together some design ideas for your flowers, and I formulate a quote for you. Everything is very relaxed and flexible, with nothing set in stone until the flowers are ordered! As I can get rather busy, to secure the day with me I ask for a small deposit, which is deducted from your final invoice.

Simple as that. No fuss, no panic. Just chilled out, flowery fun!

Get in touch to start arranging your perfect blooms!


Wedding Themes – Spring

I love all things Spring. So much so that I chose to get married in April to take full advantage of all the floral beauty the season offers.

The bright colours of hyacinths, daffodils and tulips, the soft tones of ranunculus, blossom and anemones, the bursting forth of life in a barren landscape, and therefore the tokens of life, hope, and good things to come. What better symbols to have at your nuptials?

Go bold with handties of mixed all things Spring…

Or go classic with the soft natural curve of tulips…

Perhaps the look of being plucked straight from nature, with rustic moss accents is just what you’ve been envisioning

The additional bonus is that using seasonal flowers is the most budget friendly option too – if the flowers are in season they cost less to produce than out of season blooms that require extra heating, lighting, feeding… all adding to their premium.

I hope you’re inspired to have an explosion of Spring floral beauty at your big event! Perhaps one day I’ll share how I used Spring flowers in my wedding… would you like to see?

A Sunday Wedding Fair

This Sunday 28th, we’re looking forward to joining White Sky Events at the Kent Cricket Ground in Beckenham for the The Kent Wedding Fair.

We’ll be joining lots of great exhibitors – between 10.30am and 3pm –  all of us eager to help you have the most amazingly special wedding day.

Come along for a few hours inspiration – we’ll have sample bouquets for you to try, and a selection of table decorations to get you thinking…