Get Creative: Floral Teacup

Have you aways fancied trying your hand at a bit of flower arranging but not had the opportunity? Well, now could be your chance!

Why not join us for a fun workshop getting creative with flowers? Together we work through a pretty design in a teacup, using a selection of fresh seasonal flowers and foliage.


I’ll be at The Paxton Center in Crystal Palace (opposite the station), on Sunday 23rd October, 11am. It’s just ¬£25 per person, with all materials provided.

Good fun for adults, and creative young people (ages 14 years+). And with the gallery, handmade shop, and cafe at the venue, you can make a day of it!

Booking is essential, via message to Beck’s Flowers or telephone 07507746500



Workshop: Jewelry with Flowers

Although I came to it late, I am now an avid fan of Pinterest. I can spend hours looking at all sorts of topics, most of which bear no relation to my everyday life, but get pinned for future reference, or just because they make me smile. It’s great for looking at inspiring floristry from around the world too, and gathering ideas for designs that I’d like to try out.

One of the things I stumbled upon is Floral Jewelry. Now, I know we wear flowers for a wedding – a nice rose buttonhole, or perhaps a wrist corsage, but here I’m talking proper jewelry – necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings… It got me thinking, and got my fingers itching to be making! I had a good look at what could be seen of the mechanics of the items. The designers weren’t giving many of their tricks away, so a lot of guess work and experimentation was called for!

All set up and ready to get creative
All set up and ready to get creative

And so I found myself on a sunny Saturday in early June, with the lovely Jo and Ann, running a workshop to each make an item of jewelry. After demonstrating my ‘techniques’ of scrunching, winding, weaving, and threading, and showing a few examples of the direction the piece could take (one’s imagination could go anywhere!), we got busy.

getting busy!We had pretty much every type and colour of wire you could wish for, and a good selection of beads too. Jo decided to make a necklace in black and silver, using the criss-crossing of wire across a thick flat-wire frame. Ann and I used the scrunching technique and made cuff bracelets. What good fun!

Ann's bracelet
Ann’s bracelet
Jo's necklace
Jo’s necklace

Three beautiful wired items. But it didn’t end there. We went on to create little fresh orchid flower details to add to our jewelry, glued to card templates and attached with magnets. The perfect finishing flourish.

my bracelet
my bracelet

And the best bit? Our gorgeous jewelry can be worn time and time again, either without the flowers, or with, just by redoing our magnet additions.

If you’d like to attend or organise a creative workshop for you and your friends, just get in touch!