One day it feels like Autumn is here, the next Summer has her last hurrah… but that hint of a chill in the air has me thinking about the coming season, and anticipating the beauty to come.

And what a riot of beauty the next season is! Although associated with things coming to an end – warmth edging away, leaves dropping with their usefulness gone, birds departing for sunnier climates, nature handles this period majestically. Not only strong vibrant colours and interesting textures, but its the season for wonderful tropicals too.

Just makes me want to put a jumper on, have a hot cuppa and slice of spiced carrot cake, and get busy creating!


Images: 1: First Edition Plants, 2:, 3: The Reading Residence, 4: petitfleurevents, 5: backyardsclick, 6: botanicalbrohaha, 7: Via Volunteers, 8: Guide To Houseplants. All via Pinterest