Wedding Theme: Phalaenopsis Orchids

Orchids. Nothing says class and glamour quite like them, does it?

It’s not surprising that they are a popular wedding flower, either on their own as a statement, or mixed in with other blooms and textures.

But they need not be in-your-face and over-the-top. Oh no. With some clever design they can seem almost understated, the perfect finishing flourish to an already beautiful day.



Wedding Theme: 1920s Glitz and Glamour

With the release of The Great Gatsby in 2013, the glamour and glitz of the 1920s and 30s has been increasingly popular with the modern bride. And why ever not? It really is a theme that you can embrace and inject into all aspects of your day, from classy Art Deco invitations to a cocktail reception, glittery beaded dresses to peacock feathers and diamonds.


There are two directions you can go with your flowers, although both are on the extravagant side. Either keep it all whites and lime green, fresh and clean, with ample opportunity to include accents of gems, white feathers and exotic blooms.

Or go bold and vibrant with turquoise, cerise, and limes, complimenting the peacock feather colours, and showing off a good variety of exotic blooms. these would have been the ultimate expression of wealth along side the free flowing champagne!



Pictures from top to bottom: 1. Glitzy secrets; 2. Invitations by Dawn; 3 and 4. DeerPearlFlowers; 5. Hot Chocolates Fountain Hire; 6. Love My Dress; 7. Rock My Wedding. Featured Image: Chic Vintage Brides.  All via Pinterest

Wedding Theme: Autumn

I love an Autumn wedding. There is so much texture, colour and inspiration from the season, that it’s difficult not to get excited about creating with it!

The obvious colour palette to go with in this season is the red and yellow of the falling leave, the brown and beige of the branches now on show, and the orange of the fat pumpkins.

As with any season, you can take it in a modern direction, pared with exotic ‘Mango’ calla lilies, burgundy Cymbidium orchids, and spiky Protea. Or you can go all-out rustic, with pheasant feathers, lichen covered twigs, and seasonal berries.





As you can see, there’s so much inspiration! And there’s no reason you have to go with the fire tones. As shown here, the introduction of berries, skimmia, and foliage can follow the theme, set against purples, pinks and blues – just beautiful!


Images: 1: Mr and Mrs Unique, 2: Love My Dress, 3: Elizabeth Anne Designs, 4: Chic Vintage Brides, 5: Rustic Wedding Chic, 6: The Natural Wedding Company, 7: Sortra, 8: Tricia W, 9 & 10: Fab Mood. Featured image: All via pinterest


Wedding Theme: Coral

As wedding themes go, coral is up there with my favourites. It’s so versatile, looking good with ivory, pink, peach, orange, purple…

Go country rustic and loose, or contemporary clean cut, coral flowers really work hard for you. Although still a relatively new trend, there is quite a selection of coral blooms to choose from – Roses, like ‘Miss Piggy’ and ‘Vuvuzella’, Dahlias, Gerberas, Gladioli, Antirrhinum, Celosia, Ranunculus, Hypericum…




It’s certainly a theme you can have a lot of fun with, and pair with a tone that compliments the season.


Outstanding Orchids

4 years ago my big brother Matt married his lovely partner, Katy, and I was privileged to create the flowers to help celebrate their big day. It was a big day, bursting with colours, textures, and fun, lots of fun!

It’s fair to say that the colour theme was vibrant. Like orange, cerise and lime green kind of vibrant. Throw in a splash of white, and they really did knock your socks off with their bright kick!



Orchids, namely Phalaenopsis and Vanda orchids, helped achieve the dynamic palette, along side Cellosia, ‘Purple Power’ and ‘Wow’ roses, ‘Mango’ Calla lilies, and ‘Kermit’ Chrysanthemum.



Against their green dresses, the bridesmaids carried sectioned hand tied bouquets, with more white to help lift the flowers. The buttonholes and corsages each picked out a focal flower and colour – a lovely way to continue the theme.


The ceremony room looked the part with white trees adorned with orchids. Quite a statement at the front of the room.


The colour extravaganza continued into the reception! There were two table designs to help lead the eye around the room, one tall and one short. Both featured sliced citrus fruit, and fun, bright collections of flowers. Calla lilies were paired with steel grass and coloured sticks exploding out of a Hydrangea cushion, and sat on a tall vase – what an impact! Mini Gerberas, Dahlias, and carnations joined the other flower varieties in tight handties stood in a flower filled glass bowl, bringing the room to life.

One of my favourite weddings to date! Happy Anniversary Matt and Katy!



Wedding Theme: Mint

In recent years, mint has become increasingly popular as a wedding theme. Bridesmaid dresses, table runners, and stylish invitations all carry the soft accent, and look classy to say the least.

Image from DeerPearlFlowers, via Pinterest


When you think about it, there are not many, if any, mint coloured flowers. But the tone can be brought in via foliage elements, such as silvery blue Echeveria (succulents), Senecio cineraria (Dusty Miller), and Eucalyptus. And it’s a tone that can be paired with either complimentary or contrasting colours – think ivory, pink, coral, or even purple.

As always, the most important thing is to take your theme and run with it. Don’t shy away from letting it sing!

Wedding Themes: Bright Mixed Colours

I love it when a couple grab a theme and really run with it. Bright colours is such great fun, and when embraced completely, can be a real winner on your wedding day.

And your flowers are an obvious area to bring this theme to life.

It can work in a modern setting, with blocked colour roses, hydrangea or almost any single variety flower. With your bridesmaids in colourful, patterned dresses, each could carry flowers in a set colour, picking out the tones from the dress fabric. Or mix the colours up and go with a more modern take on the bouquet – long and narrow, with a bright coloured hydrangea collar. You can really go to town on your tables, with sliced fruit-lined vases, or stacked fishbowls with vibrant orchids inside.


It works well in a more relaxed setting too, giving the occasion a real country, garden feel. With loosely tied bouquets of different shaped blooms mixed in with textured foliage, and jugs or jars of flowers for the table. This works especially well in a marque or barn setting, blending with the outside surroundings whilst also popping out from them!

[image from Bride’s Magazine]
[image from Love My Dress]
Which ever style direction you choose to go, make sure you really do go with it – not a wishy-washy hint of colour, but BOOM in-your-face bright!

For more inspiration, take a look at my portfolio of real brides’ flowers.

Wedding Themes: Blue

A true blue is very popular as a wedding colour theme. And rightly so. Royal blue is stately, bold and majestic. Pale blue is soft, romantic and reminiscent of a clear Summer sky.

If you are looking to have blue flowers for your big day, you’d be advised to pick a date within the Summer months. Although there are a few blue rather than purple options in Winter and Spring, such as bluebells, thistle, and muscarii, the wealth of blue blooms are in season between June and September. Think hydrangeas, delphiniums, gentian, cornflower, nigella, agapanthus…

You can go modern with large groupings of single varieties, or if rustic is more your style, go for collections of delicate florals.

Here’s a little inspiration for you…

Tall statement centre pieces of mixed delphiniums     [image from WeddingWire, via Pinterest]

Wedding Themes: All White

It’s a well know fact that an all white wedding looks classy. It oozes classic style and simple beauty.

The flowers of a white themed day can be strikingly modern and elegant – a compact handtie of all white roses and peonies, a waterfall bouquet of phalaenopsis orchids.

A hint of lime green lifts the striking white peonies and hydrangea

Gorgeous orchids say it all [image from flowerdesignstannes via Pinterest]
With the right accents, all white can also give a vintage and rustic feel to the event – think scented stocks, garden roses, fluffy astillbe, ranunculus, little daisy-like matricaria, loosely collected blousey blooms…



10551076_885465791467766_8929195733545914328_nThe simple buttonholes, taking a focal flower from the bride’s bouquets, look clean and fresh, letting the flowers be the main event.


If you’re going for such a distinctive theme, it’s important to carry it through all of your special day, including your dreamy, romantic table decorations.


All white is beautiful, but there are a few things to watch with an all white theme. Firstly, with white against white, there’s a risk that your flowers won’t ‘pop’, that your bouquet will merge into your dress, or that the overall effect across the venue will look rather drab and dull. To avoid this, make sure you include different textures within the arrangements – for example, bubbly gypsophilia alongside smooth gerberas. Also, use a variety of shapes of bloom to create interest, like spikes of veronica amongst star shaped dahlias. Consider using carefully chosen foliage or a very soft feature colour (like silvery grey or creamy buttermilk tone) to help lift and accentuate the flowers.

Using seasonal, Wintery foliages brings a different element to these table centres

Another thing to ensure is that there is contrast between your flowers and decor. If you’ve got a dress with a large skirt of layered fluffy tulle, pair it with a simple bouquet of just one or two types of flowers, making them stand out from your outfit. Or if your dress is a silky fitted fishtail dress, be a bit more detailed in the flowers you carry – it doesn’t have to be fussy, just a statement, such as including some sparkle amongst your favourite flowers.

Planning an event with a strict colour scheme is tricky, but with the right focus and imagination, it can be very effective.


Wedding Themes: Country Garden

The loose simplicity of country themed flowers are a long-standing favourite with brides. And rightly so – their relaxed nature, soft colours, and mixed blooms make for stunning arrangements.

One of the keys to creating this look is a mixture of tones within the colour palette, and a variety of shapes in the flowers. Imagine walking down an established garden border and seeing the variety of blooms -some tall, some short, some round, some spiky, colours and green, all mixed effortlessly together. That’s just the look you’re after recreating in your bouquets and across the table decorations.

Jam jars and bottles have been popular to achieve this theme, but there are other designs to explore too. What about a jug over-flowing with flowers? Or a wooden box, for a real raised-bed feel?

Most importantly, as with any theme, once you’ve chosen a style, run with it! Embrace it fully, and have some fun.