Mr and Mrs Shepherd’s day

Two years ago, Sally walked up the aisle and married Charles. Their day was full of Autumnal warmth and gorgeous rustic beauty.

The flowers were beautifully textured, with Peach Avalanche roses, Sea Breeze roses, peach Hypericum, white Hydrangea, and a few twisted birch twigs for that final flourish.

I didn’t share the day with you at the time, it predating this blog, so thought I’d take their anniversary as a prompt to share now! So, put the kettle on, get comfy, and enjoy their peachy lilac blooms!



Happy Anniversary Charles and Sally!


Outstanding Orchids

4 years ago my big brother Matt married his lovely partner, Katy, and I was privileged to create the flowers to help celebrate their big day. It was a big day, bursting with colours, textures, and fun, lots of fun!

It’s fair to say that the colour theme was vibrant. Like orange, cerise and lime green kind of vibrant. Throw in a splash of white, and they really did knock your socks off with their bright kick!



Orchids, namely Phalaenopsis and Vanda orchids, helped achieve the dynamic palette, along side Cellosia, ‘Purple Power’ and ‘Wow’ roses, ‘Mango’ Calla lilies, and ‘Kermit’ Chrysanthemum.



Against their green dresses, the bridesmaids carried sectioned hand tied bouquets, with more white to help lift the flowers. The buttonholes and corsages each picked out a focal flower and colour – a lovely way to continue the theme.


The ceremony room looked the part with white trees adorned with orchids. Quite a statement at the front of the room.


The colour extravaganza continued into the reception! There were two table designs to help lead the eye around the room, one tall and one short. Both featured sliced citrus fruit, and fun, bright collections of flowers. Calla lilies were paired with steel grass and coloured sticks exploding out of a Hydrangea cushion, and sat on a tall vase – what an impact! Mini Gerberas, Dahlias, and carnations joined the other flower varieties in tight handties stood in a flower filled glass bowl, bringing the room to life.

One of my favourite weddings to date! Happy Anniversary Matt and Katy!



Cobalt blue celebration

Last week, we had a Thursday wedding with a very distinct theme. The main colour featured was blue, and I mean bright blue – like you’d seen in a tropical sky. This was complimented with the light fluffy white of gypsophilia, and the two worked perfectly together. Throw a tough of rustic hessian into the mix, and that, my friend, is a well thought out theme.

Jemima carried a handtie of blue hydrangea with a gypsophilia and eucalyptus collar, with her bridesmaids having simple collections of just gypsophilia.


The marriage itself was at Royal Russell Chapel, where my couple opted for a sprinkling of gypsophilia in the way of pew ends.

The wedding celebration was at Oaks Farm in Shirley, a beautiful venue needing little additional decoration. A few jars filled with clouds of white and blue, and the job was done. Gorgeous.


Congratulations Jemima and Jamie, hope you had a fabulous day celebrating with all your family and friends!

Classy white and green

Somehow, and I’m really not sure how, two years have passed since Lucy and Dan got married. Their day was full of glorious sunshine, laughter among friends, and some serious dance moves in the evening. It was a privilege to share the day with them, even more so to provide their gorgeous blooms.

The couple’s vision for the day was classy and clean cut, with crisp whites, vibrant lime green, and hint of contrasting navy blue. Absolutely stunning.

We used peony, hydrangea, stocks, ‘Green Tricks’ dianthus, ‘Kermit’ chrysanthemums, hypericum berries, gypsophilia, and ‘Avalanche’ and ‘Green Tea’ roses, with a few pearls in the mix too.




The venue décor followed suit, with groupings of white and lime on clear glass cylinder vases.




Happy anniversary Lucy and Dan!

Photography credit to the amazing Steve Ayres of I Will Weddings – definitely check him out if you’re after a wedding photographer (or to do Marry-oke… his videos look like that’s great fun!)

Oh the vibrant beauty

Back on August bank holiday, I provided the flowers for Mark and Yvette‘s vibrant, book themed wedding. At the time, I shared my poor attempt at photography with you. I’ve now received the official photos, and boy, do they look great! The happy couple are beaming, and the flowers certainly pop! All photography credit to Stephen Swain.

What better way to start the week than sharing the beauty with you? You’re welcome.

The bridesmaids carried a riot of colour and textures
Yvette’s handtie, with soft peaches, mint succulents, pops of cerise, and delicate scented stephanosis
The beautiful bride
Flowers ‘growing’ out of stacked vintage books, with hundreds (literally) of handmade paper flowers
The vibrant colours were taken through the reception decoration too
In contrast, the stairs were dressed with soft clouds of white gypsophilia
The amazing cake, framed with fresh and paper flowers
The gorgeous bridesmaids, the flowers contrasting beautifully with the teal dresses. So worth being brave and bold!
The gorgeous bridesmaids, the flowers contrasting beautifully with the teal dresses. So worth being brave and bold!

Contemporary Stunner

It was a Thursday wedding. The sun shone gloriously all day, there was a refreshing breeze, and the G&Ts were ceaselessly available. What a fab day Cate and Tom’s wedding was!

And what a treat for me to get to attend the wedding at the wonderful Oaks Farm, as well as providing the flowers!

The bride's gorgeous bouquet
The bride’s gorgeous bouquet

The flowers were largely the bride Cate’s department. Well, the groom had one request – that hops featured in the personal flowers. It was a September wedding, hops are in season, so Tom got his wish!

The bridesmaids handties
The bridesmaids handties

The bouquets were made up of a sumptuous collection of Cymbidium orchids, ‘Vermeer’ and ‘Schwarzwalder’ calla lilies, Hydrangea, Hypericum berries, Alliums, Alchamilla mollis, and the hops of course – an absolute riot of purple and lime green.

The gent's buttonholes, with Tom's hops
The gent’s buttonholes, with hops for Tom

The ladies and gents wore ‘Crystal Blush’ calla lilies, with lime green accents.

The reception decoration was themed around the couple’s favourite tipple – Gin. Gin and tonic bottles were filled with purple Delphiniums and Hydrangeas, setting off the rustic venue perfectly.

Each table featured a different brand of Gin
Each table featured a different brand of Gin

Congratulations to Tom and Cate, and thank you for letting me share your gorgeous day with you – we had a blast!

Susan and Craig’s happy day

It’s a real joy to be part of a couple’s special day. Susan and Craig’s day was no exception.

Theirs was a day filled with family, friends, and flowers of the sweetest scents in ivory, lilac and purple. With delicate freesias, heady stocks, and beautiful ‘Avalanche’ and ‘Cool Water’ roses, the florals really were a delight. You know you’ve got the flowers right when the bride cries and hugs you on seeing them…

Susan's scented shower bouquet
Susan’s scented shower bouquet
The bridesmaids carried compact bouquets of similar scented flowers
The bridesmaids carried compact bouquets of similar scented flowers
The table arrangements, also used on the registrar's table
The table arrangements, also used on the registrar’s table

Susan emailed me the very next day to express her thanks!

“I just wanted to thank you again for the absolutely gorgeous flowers for my wedding. You produced exactly what I had envisioned in my mind and the fragrance was beautiful. I was on cloud nine all day and loved holding my bouquet for all my photos and smelling the wonderful fragrance while we sat having our Wedding Breakfast.

Everyone commented on the beautiful flowers. Thank you so much.”

just look at those gorgeous colours and textures, and imagine the scent!
just look at those gorgeous colours and textures, and imagine the scent!

Book smart and beautiful

Bank holiday weekend was a busy one for me. In fact, it’s taken me this long to fully recover…

I had the pleasure of arranging the flowers for Mark and Yvette’s special day, held at Coombe Bank School in Sevenoaks. The day was packed full of bright colour, vibrant textiles, and wonderful handmade accents. It was a treat to help develop the ideas from the drawing board to their beautiful reality.

Yvette's gorgeous scented bouquet
Yvette’s gorgeous scented bouquet

Yvette chose to carry a compact handtie of David Austin ‘Julliette’ peach roses, coral peonys, cymbidium orchids, peach calla lilies, cerise freesia, and sweetly scented stephanosis. With a subtle vibrancy, and textures from the succulents, hypericum berries and sedum, it really was a treat!

The bridesmaids' vibrant handties
The bridesmaids’ vibrant handties

The four bridesmaids’ bouquets took the bright cerise and coral tones of Yvette’s flowers, and turned them up a notch. Boy, did they pop! The hot pink of freesia, ‘Purple Power’ and ‘Candy Avalanche’ roses clashed wonderfully with the peachy coral of hypericum, ‘Vuvusella’ and ‘Miss Piggy’ roses. The sort of bouquet that just makes you grin with it’s madness!

Altar arrangement

Coombe Bank School is a grand venue – sweeping staircases, high ceilings, and tall windows. The floral additions were used to accentuate the beauty, with organza and gypsophilia up the banisters, ribbon and gypsophilia ties on the pews to line the aisle, and dressed bay trees at the front door to welcome the guests. The Adam room had a magnificent mantle piece arrangement, and the entrance to the chapel was framed with a luxurious organza and gypsophilia arch.

A grand entrance into the chapel

The wedding breakfast room had a distinct theme – books. This is where the couple’s DIY crafty skills really shone. The bride and groom, and various friends and family, had been busy for months making paper flowers from the pages of Harry Potter, hollowing out books, and getting creative with lace.

hundreds of handmade flowers ready for use
hundreds of handmade flowers ready for use
A hollowed out book waiting to be transformed....
A hollowed out book waiting to be transformed….

There were three designs – a big cloud of hydrangea and carnations sat on top of a stack of lace-wrapped vintage books, a vase of hydrangea framed by up-right open books with lace detail, and (my personal favourite) hollowed out open books with carnations sat inside. And all three designs had the addition of paper flowers, and the effect was quite wonderful.

...into this beauty!
…into this beauty!



And the best part – receiving this lovely email the next day…

“Wow, wow, wow. I’m writing this from the great British countryside somewhere outside Bath but the memory of our beautiful and vibrant flowers from the day has followed us here. The arrangements and bouquets were incredible and everything you did was exactly how we wanted. Just perfect!

EVERYONE has commented on how incredible they all looked and how much they bought to the venue.

Nothing more to say but thank you thank you thank you!”

I wish Mark and Yvette all the happiness in the world in their new life together, and thank them for using Beck’s Flowers for their big day!

Coral’s a charm

Last weekend was a hectic one. After delivering to Debbie in Edmunton, I headed over to Guildford to deliver and set up for Poli and Martin’s big day. Not the smooth, stress-free journey you might hope for when time is of the essence, with traffic, speed restrictions, and roadworks to contend with, but eventually I made it through and arrived at the venue – the gorgeous Lythe Hill Hotel. 

I met with Poli in the Spring of this year, and it was clear that her’s was going to be a beautiful day. The venue itself is a stunner – sweeping manicured lawns, a variety of luxurious guest rooms, and a wonderfully light and airy reception room. A real gem. And Poli is a joy – her friendly, bubbly character was infectious! Starting with her coral and ivory colour theme, and the English country garden style flowers she likes, we set about designing the blooms for their day.


Poli carried a compact handtied bouquet of mainly coral flowers, with accents of ivory, featuring some of the largest coral Peony I’ve ever seen! There was a whole list of show stoppers in fact, including ‘Miss Piggy’, ‘Vuvuzella’ and ‘Avalanche’ roses, sweet smelling Freesia, and peach Hypericum for a contrast of texture, with the flowers being framed by fragrant Rosemary, Eucalyptus, and soft Asparagus fern. Such a stunner of a bouquet!


Poli’s maid of honour carried a similar handtie, with a different balance of colours – bringing the ivory out more to help the flowers stand away from her coral-toned outfit. The gents had ‘Miss Piggy’ rose buttonholes, and the ladies ivory spray rose corsages, and the lucky guests each had a white Lissianthus buttonhole too!



With it being such a gorgeous venue, it didn’t need much prettying up – the tables had a big cream jug full of loosely arranged flowers, and the long top table had simple stem vases with small collections of the focal flowers.



The wedding ceremony was being held in the grounds, by one of the large ponds, under a pegoda. What a lovely setting it was too, with the sun shining and the pond-life quietly going about its business in the background. Beautiful though the wooded pegoda was, Poli and Martin had requested a little decoration to be added – so I set to dressing the frame with variegated ivy, asparagus fern, and groups of flowers. The idea was to make it look very natural, almost as though it was nature’s own work.


The last task was dressing the banisters in the courtyard – more ivy and fern, to look natural and rambling along the path, with two floral arrangements hanging at the ends. Quite lovely.


And it’s always a joy when the bride takes the time to email you before heading off on honeymoon to share photographs and say thanks!

“We can’t thank you enough for the absolutely gorgeous bouquets and arrangements you created for our wedding. We still get compliments on how beautiful they were. Thank you for making our wedding day so special & memorable”

I love my job.

Debbie’s Peach Dream

Last Saturday saw me up before the birds putting the finishing touches to two different weddings before setting off on a rather long round trip on delivery. The first of the weddings, in Edmunton, was for Debbie.

I met Debbie at Bromley Brides in West Wickham, much earlier in the year. She’s bought her dress and bridesmaid dresses from the dress shop, with the help and guidance of Becky and her team, and the next step was accessorizing with the perfect blooms.


Classic, clean design was the order of the day, with a definite accent of bling. The gorgeous ‘Peach Avalanche’ and ivory ‘Avalanche’ roses came together with a selection of sparkly brooches (collected by the bride) in a compact handtie for Debbie to carry down the aisle.


The bridesmaids, of which there were 5, had complimentary bouquets of the ‘Avalanche’ roses surrounded by clouds of white fluffy Gypsophilia. Quite simple, but very effective  – all perfect finishing touch against the girls corally peach dresses. And the finishing touch – diamonte detail on the handles, for that extra bit of bling!


Finally the flower girls had little baskets of Gypsophilia with Avalanche roses and spray roses – just the thing to swing down the aisle, announcing the arrival of the beautiful bride!


The radiant Debbie with her hansom groom
Congratulations to the radiant Debbie with her hansom groom