Foliage Friends

If you spend a lot of time in the house, or office, it’s worth investing in some good plants. Not only will they make the space look classy, homely, and, well, green, they also work hard for you.

Having fresh plants and flowers in your vicinity is thought to positively impact your mood, and increase productivity. As if that wasn’t enough of a reason to bring the leafy wonders in, a good number of them also help improve the air quality of your space.

From purifying the air, supplying extra oxygen, or removing allergens, to absorbing electromagnetic waves, and improving the air humidity, these clever plants are the perfect companions to have around.

And the best bit? They’re all really easy to look after! Most of them will even tolerate being ignored for a few weeks. My kind of plant.

Sansevierias‘Mother in Law’s Tongue’.  This pointed leaf plant is great at cleaning the air of toxins and controlling the humidity. The sharp leaf points influence it’s common name… can’t say I agree from my experience of my lovely second mum!

Nephrolepsis ‘Fern’. Fluffy fronds help to purify the air, and ensures perfect humidity. If you’re prone to headaches and dry skin, this is the plant for you. They’re great to have in the bathroom too, as they love a humid environment, or give them a spray every week if not.

Hedra helix‘Ivy’. One we all recognise from the garden, as an indoor plant they can be good and helpful. Even better, they don’t need much light, and are quite happy if forgotten for a while!

Cereus peruvianus – ‘Peruvian Apple Cactus’. These clever greeny grey columns remove radiation from the TV and other electrical appliances in it’s area. As a desert plant, the care advice given is ‘loving neglect’. Almost impossible to kill in fact… but don’t take that as a challenge!

Pilea peperomioides‘Chinese Money Plant’. A perfect plant, just the ticket for purifying the air. Chinese proverb has it that if you put a coin in the soil, or rub the leaves, you will attract prosperity into your life. Worth a try, right?


Peperomia. The NASA’s research indicates that these beauties remove 47% of formaldehyde from the indoor air. Quite a skill, and all while looking lovely!


Chlorophylum cosmos‘Spider Plant’. A familiar friend, and for good reason. If you were impressed by the Peperomia’s skill, these lime wonders remove 95% of benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, and nitrates from the air (according to NASA research).Get a few in your room and take a deeeeep breath…

Spathiphyllum‘Peace Lily’, ‘White Sail Plant’. Another firm favourite, great for cleaning the air of all those toxins. They’re super forgiving of forgetfulness and even sag their leaves as a visually reminder to give them some water. And when you do water them, they like a good long drink.

For more information, take a look at the fantastic Joy of Plants website – chock full of advice, inspiration, and beauty!


[All images take from The Joy of Plants Pinterest]



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