Preserving Wedding Flowers

What a joy to be able to look at your gorgeous wedding flowers for years to come. To have them hanging next to a picture of your and your other half in all your glory, making you smile every time you pass them.



Hazel and Laura make these dreams a reality with their company 3d Flower  Preservation. I’ll let them tell you what they do, from their website:

‘3D Flower Preservation offers a unique opportunity for the bride to save her bouquet as a treasured keepsake – a wonderful reminder of her special day.

3D Flower Preservation specialise in using modern drying techniques, enabling moisture to be taken from the flowers and foliage, leaving them looking as fresh and whole as the day they were delivered to us.

Once your flowers are dry, 3D Flower Preservation re-assembles your bouquet on conservation mount card, cut to a style that suits you. Your bouquet is mounted in a bespoke frame of your choice. The specialist glass used in your frame cuts out 98% of UV light.’


To make the memento even more special, you can include the grooms buttonhole, a photograph, or a special keepsake from the day. It really is amazing how fresh the flowers still look after being dried. Incredible.


If you’d rather a smaller souvenir, they also make paperweights featuring a few choice blooms from your bouquet.

For either service, you’re advised to book in as early as possible to ensure they put aside the time in their diary – they’re a small set up so can only accept a small number of bouquets a week. Once booked, they’ll tell you just what you need to do with your flowers, and then work their magic!

To find out more, and book in your bouquet, take a look a their website. Take a nose at their Facebook page to be amazed by their work!

I really wish I’d known about this when I got married!


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