Wearing flowers

As a lady, there are many ways you can accessorise your outfit.

Flower-wise, I’m sure you know about the traditional corsage – a delicate selection of flowers, in a teardrop shape, worn on the left lapel or shoulder.  The ideal finishing touch to Mother of the bride’s outfit!


But if you’re not wearing a jacket, or would rather something a little different, read on!

How about an over the shoulder corsage as a final flourish to your wedding dress? Carry flowers all day, even after putting your bouquet down. Also a great way to personalise that little black dress!


Adorn your clutch bag with some choice blooms – this is a good choice if you’d like a traditional arrangement, but are not wearing a jacket on the day.


A popular choice with young ladies at weddings, dinners, and proms, is a wrist corsage – comfortable and non-interfering with one’s dancing!

[image from Chic Vintage Brides]
A romantic way to bring flowers into your outfit, is placing a few blooms into your hair – make sure you choose long lasting blooms, as they get rather hot on your head and without a water source, some flowers can wilt quickly.

[image from weddinghaircompany.co.uk]
Or go really bold – a pair of floral shoes, an arm adornment, floral belt, a leafy mask, flower earrings, as shown here in the amazing work of Francoise Weeks


The amazing work of Francoise Weeks Florist

You could even wear a bespoke floral hat…! There really is no limit!



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