Wedding Themes: All White

It’s a well know fact that an all white wedding looks classy. It oozes classic style and simple beauty.

The flowers of a white themed day can be strikingly modern and elegant – a compact handtie of all white roses and peonies, a waterfall bouquet of phalaenopsis orchids.

A hint of lime green lifts the striking white peonies and hydrangea

Gorgeous orchids say it all [image from flowerdesignstannes via Pinterest]
With the right accents, all white can also give a vintage and rustic feel to the event – think scented stocks, garden roses, fluffy astillbe, ranunculus, little daisy-like matricaria, loosely collected blousey blooms…



10551076_885465791467766_8929195733545914328_nThe simple buttonholes, taking a focal flower from the bride’s bouquets, look clean and fresh, letting the flowers be the main event.


If you’re going for such a distinctive theme, it’s important to carry it through all of your special day, including your dreamy, romantic table decorations.


All white is beautiful, but there are a few things to watch with an all white theme. Firstly, with white against white, there’s a risk that your flowers won’t ‘pop’, that your bouquet will merge into your dress, or that the overall effect across the venue will look rather drab and dull. To avoid this, make sure you include different textures within the arrangements – for example, bubbly gypsophilia alongside smooth gerberas. Also, use a variety of shapes of bloom to create interest, like spikes of veronica amongst star shaped dahlias. Consider using carefully chosen foliage or a very soft feature colour (like silvery grey or creamy buttermilk tone) to help lift and accentuate the flowers.

Using seasonal, Wintery foliages brings a different element to these table centres

Another thing to ensure is that there is contrast between your flowers and decor. If you’ve got a dress with a large skirt of layered fluffy tulle, pair it with a simple bouquet of just one or two types of flowers, making them stand out from your outfit. Or if your dress is a silky fitted fishtail dress, be a bit more detailed in the flowers you carry – it doesn’t have to be fussy, just a statement, such as including some sparkle amongst your favourite flowers.

Planning an event with a strict colour scheme is tricky, but with the right focus and imagination, it can be very effective.



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