5 years ago today…

5 years ago today, it was a warm sunny day. And it was a happy day. It was the day I became a Mrs, and married my John.

It took a long time to decided which direction to go with the florals for our big day. Did we want to go beautifully traditional? Or step right outside the box and ‘wow’ with something funky and modern? One thing I did know from the get-go was colours – I absolutely love purple and lime green, and with a touch of white, I knew they’d be perfect. There were a few favourites that just had to feature – Vanda orchids, Eryngium (thistle), Ornithogalum arabicum (chincherinchee), Muscarii, blossom, moss… And with Spring being my favourite season, it had to be our wedding season too.

After much discussion with my florist-friends (and a little with my man), we decided to go quite European, and more on the contemporary side than traditional. I’m a fan of Belgian floral designer Moniek Vanden Berghe, and her work was a big influence on me when designing for our wedding flowers. I spent many enjoyable hours in the weeks before making and wiring various items to compliment the flowers!


My bouquet was made in a decorative Oasis holder, and had a detailed ‘drop’ at the front, hand wired with bead detail, which was repeated on a smaller scale at the back of the bouquet (always important to let the bride have something gorgeous to look at!). The flowers were compact and grouped, with a finishing twist of Tillansia xerographica, wire, and pair sumptuous purple Vanda orchids.

My three bridesmaids each wore a dress of their choosing within the wedding colours, and their bouquet then echoed the dress, with a handmade collar to frame the flowers.


The fellas looked a dapper bunch with buttonholes made from cornus, ‘Kermit’ chrysanthemums and thistle. My other half did have an orchid with a silver hand-wired backing to match my bouquet, but he is an enthusiastic hugger, and sadly it was damaged before he even made it into the service room! A quick readjustment, and a rose buttonhole was found for him!

Deciding on the table decorations was hard – there were too many good ideas on the drawing board! After an inspiring trip to C Best sundries wholesaler at Covent Garden, we settled on 4 different complimenting designs over the 12 tables, each with a moss base. I originally wanted moss table cloths (I’m mildly obsessed with moss!), but the venue weren’t keen, so a compromise was found.

Some tables had tall cylinder vases with a big (and I mean big!) ball of lime green ‘Kermit’ chrysanthemum on top, and a wire and pearl waterfall decoration hanging inside the vase. Others had tall tapered vases, with a lime green wire and bead collar, filled with Spring green branches and blossom.

The other two table designs used ‘dull mirrored’ tanks vases and cylinder vases, in various sizes, filled with tight collections of the featured flowers (or chocolates on the children’s table!). The overall effect was gorgeous! I was blown away with how the room had been transformed.

Many thanks to Mel, Hayley and Diane of Kane’s Florist for all their hard work preparing the flowers!

Thank you to Pebble Heaven Photography for the gorgeous album! She comes highly recommended for your big day, or family portraits, baby pictures… check her out!


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