Wedding Themes – Spring

I love all things Spring. So much so that I chose to get married in April to take full advantage of all the floral beauty the season offers.

The bright colours of hyacinths, daffodils and tulips, the soft tones of ranunculus, blossom and anemones, the bursting forth of life in a barren landscape, and therefore the tokens of life, hope, and good things to come. What better symbols to have at your nuptials?

Go bold with handties of mixed all things Spring…

Or go classic with the soft natural curve of tulips…

Perhaps the look of being plucked straight from nature, with rustic moss accents is just what you’ve been envisioning

The additional bonus is that using seasonal flowers is the most budget friendly option too – if the flowers are in season they cost less to produce than out of season blooms that require extra heating, lighting, feeding… all adding to their premium.

I hope you’re inspired to have an explosion of Spring floral beauty at your big event! Perhaps one day I’ll share how I used Spring flowers in my wedding… would you like to see?


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