Wedding themes – Romantic Red

Having looked at the hot trend for 2016 of Rose Quartz and Serenity, I thought I’d explore a few other themes you lovely brides might be inspired by. This time of year, it seems that all the talk is of romantic reds – nothing quite says ‘I love you’ like luxury velvety red roses, right?

Red. It can be deep, moody and amorous. Or you can make it more mysterious, whimsical and rustic. It’s really up to you, and your overall vision for your special day.

So, will it be the romance of the woodland?

Pure romance, pairing extravagant red roses with rustic trailing ivy (Balikesir Cicek, via Pinterest)
Coupling the velvety texture of roses with glossy hypericum roses, spiky thistle, and fluffy lichen covered twigs
Take the whimsical theme through your outfit and into your hair, with Ranunculus and wax flower (image Style Me Pretty, via Pinterest)

Perhaps love in more of a modern setting?

Give your reds a lift with a splash of pink and lime (image montage,, via Pinterest)
10934011_993786020635742_2624585072174168410_n (1)
Michelle and Alex chose a handtie with a bespoke, handmade ribbon and wire frame, red roses and black berries, for their stylish Halloween wedding

Or go full-on opulent glamour – these arrangements ooze luxury, with grouped roses and draped jewels.

Modern, lavish, and extravagant! (image from via Pinterest)





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