Book smart and beautiful

Bank holiday weekend was a busy one for me. In fact, it’s taken me this long to fully recover…

I had the pleasure of arranging the flowers for Mark and Yvette’s special day, held at Coombe Bank School in Sevenoaks. The day was packed full of bright colour, vibrant textiles, and wonderful handmade accents. It was a treat to help develop the ideas from the drawing board to their beautiful reality.

Yvette's gorgeous scented bouquet
Yvette’s gorgeous scented bouquet

Yvette chose to carry a compact handtie of David Austin ‘Julliette’ peach roses, coral peonys, cymbidium orchids, peach calla lilies, cerise freesia, and sweetly scented stephanosis. With a subtle vibrancy, and textures from the succulents, hypericum berries and sedum, it really was a treat!

The bridesmaids' vibrant handties
The bridesmaids’ vibrant handties

The four bridesmaids’ bouquets took the bright cerise and coral tones of Yvette’s flowers, and turned them up a notch. Boy, did they pop! The hot pink of freesia, ‘Purple Power’ and ‘Candy Avalanche’ roses clashed wonderfully with the peachy coral of hypericum, ‘Vuvusella’ and ‘Miss Piggy’ roses. The sort of bouquet that just makes you grin with it’s madness!

Altar arrangement

Coombe Bank School is a grand venue – sweeping staircases, high ceilings, and tall windows. The floral additions were used to accentuate the beauty, with organza and gypsophilia up the banisters, ribbon and gypsophilia ties on the pews to line the aisle, and dressed bay trees at the front door to welcome the guests. The Adam room had a magnificent mantle piece arrangement, and the entrance to the chapel was framed with a luxurious organza and gypsophilia arch.

A grand entrance into the chapel

The wedding breakfast room had a distinct theme – books. This is where the couple’s DIY crafty skills really shone. The bride and groom, and various friends and family, had been busy for months making paper flowers from the pages of Harry Potter, hollowing out books, and getting creative with lace.

hundreds of handmade flowers ready for use
hundreds of handmade flowers ready for use
A hollowed out book waiting to be transformed....
A hollowed out book waiting to be transformed….

There were three designs – a big cloud of hydrangea and carnations sat on top of a stack of lace-wrapped vintage books, a vase of hydrangea framed by up-right open books with lace detail, and (my personal favourite) hollowed out open books with carnations sat inside. And all three designs had the addition of paper flowers, and the effect was quite wonderful.

...into this beauty!
…into this beauty!



And the best part – receiving this lovely email the next day…

“Wow, wow, wow. I’m writing this from the great British countryside somewhere outside Bath but the memory of our beautiful and vibrant flowers from the day has followed us here. The arrangements and bouquets were incredible and everything you did was exactly how we wanted. Just perfect!

EVERYONE has commented on how incredible they all looked and how much they bought to the venue.

Nothing more to say but thank you thank you thank you!”

I wish Mark and Yvette all the happiness in the world in their new life together, and thank them for using Beck’s Flowers for their big day!


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