Hello, my name is Becky and I’m a florist.

Sometimes it feels like revealing you’re a florist is a little like a confession.

We florists work hard, from before dawn to past dusk, and it’s far from glamorous. We don’t have gorgeous nails and stylish clothes – you’ll find us with chipped, probably dirty, nails and wearing layers, lots of warm, woolen, unflattering layers. It’s a cold job, floristry. We’re at market at 4am, and eating dinner whilst working away on candelabras for the next day’s wedding. There’s heavy lifting, smelly water, big competition… did I mention it’s also cold?

But we do get the pleasure of massive work satisfaction. We get to be there to witness all of life’s great events -birth, birthdays, prom, first date, proposals, weddings, anniversaries, encouraging thoughts, get wells, and comforting sympathy flowers too. All with the joy of flowers surrounding us – the colours, the scents, the variety. No wonder us florists are such happy people!

It sure is hard work, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.420079_374749405872743_1766436327_n


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